College of Accountancy and Economics

Dean: Atty. Maria Milagros R. Lisaca, CPA


Art. III Section 12. The primary goal of accounting education is to produce competent professional accountants capable of making a positive contribution over their lifetimes to the profession and society in which they work. In the face of increasing changes that they will meet later as professional accountants, it is essential that students develop and maintain and attitude of learning to learn, to maintain their competence later as professional accountants.


The College of Accountancy and Economics envisioned to provide curricular offerings of international standards in order to answer the demand of the industry by molding deserving youth of the country and guided by Universidad de Manila’s Vision and founded by the principle of developing responsible and accountable citizen who is committed to the formation of a total human being.


The College of Accountancy and Economics envisioned to provide quality education in the field of accountancy and economics anchored on University’s vision of producing globally competitive professionals towards the transformation and development of the nation


Impart understanding of economic principles and theories.

Prepare the students to be aware and responsive to the present economic issues affecting business environment

Develop the students competencies and skills needed as economic analyst and entrepreneurs.

Prepare the students to pursue a teaching career or graduate studies in business.