College of Health Science

Dean: Dr. Ronald A. Herrera



UDM-CHS adheres to the philosophy of excellence in health science education for productivity and professionalism, patriotism, global competitiveness and commitment to humanitarian service towards shaping the nation for good.


The UDM-CHS envisions itself to be a center of excellence in health science courses and a global leader in producing competent and compassionate health care professionals adaptive to the changing demands of the global health care landscape.


UDM-CHS is committed to produce competent, compassionate, morally upright and socially responsible health care professionals, qualified and trained to provide basic and advanced quality health care services to the diverse individual needs of both local and global populace.


1. No failing grade on the following subjects:

A. English

B. Physical and Natural/Life Sciences (e.g., Biology, Chemistry, etc.)

C. Mathematics (e.g., Geometry, Trigonometry)

2. Physical Requirements: For Female

A. At least 5 feet in height

B. No significant skin lesion on the face (e.g., big mole)

C. No physical disability

D. No mental disability (based on the result of a psychological test)

E. Not suffering from a major/debilitating disease (as shown by a normal result of physical exam/lab test).

2. Physical Requirements: For Male:

In addition to letters, b,c,d,e height must be at least 5 feet, 3 inches

3. Should pass the preliminary and final interview conducted by the CHS faculty members.

4. Final list of successful second year students for the BSN and BSPT will be posted several days prior to the official enrollment.