College of Public Administration

Dean: Mr. Manuel U. Garcia


In this Logo, the most symbolic is the top view which represents three cycle of life in the society, interrelating each other in an infinite vision. It is infinite because it sustains the cycle of services, social and economic relationship between the people, government and the rule of law. It also symbolizes the exchange of participation in nation building of elements and unity ( people, government, law and the state).

Inside its infinity is the Triangle representing 3 stars and a sun, which embody the Nation or the State, built by the people.

The Color Violet as its background signifies the trademark of the College of Public Administration’s official color at Universidad De Manila.

The top view representing the cycle of life in the society has been bonded with the Light Color Brown Head which means, the college of Public Administration is strict in Implementing policies but touches the heart of individuals. It signifies stability but down to earth, it stabilizes the structure and support relating to the protection, with a keen sense of duty and responsibility. It takes its obligation seriously.

The color Blue Arm, on the other hand, represents one of the color of the Philippine Flag embodying services to people. The Color Red Arm represents merely the Philippine Flag in honor of our nation. The Color Violet Arm signifies the important participations of students to the College of Public Administration in attaining government services rendered to the people and the continued partnership between people and government. It also symbolizes master’s and bachelor’s degree, while the Black Ring represents commitment, eternity and infinity.