The BS in Accounting Technology program centers on the basic accounting skills, as well as business and finance skills that will help students pursue careers in bookkeeping, auditing, tax preparation, and business analysis. This program is designed to equip students with knowledge, skills and values that will make them competent professionals in the field of accounting.


What skills will help you succeed in this course?

  • Being comfortable with numbers – accounting is all about numbers. You will be working with numbers all the time so being comfortable with that is a must.
  • Being organized and punctual – in bookkeeping and accounting everything needs to be “just right”, all the numbers need to be correct and being organized and orderly is a big plus.
  • Basic mathematical skills – you just need to have basic computational skills and be equipped with a strong foundation of basic mathematical concepts in order for you to solve problems.
  • Problem solving – the ability to discern the nature of the problem, link the different information and data at hand in order to arrive at the best solution, as well as the ability to evaluate the different applicable solutions available.
  • The ability to quickly learn how to operate software – most tasks related to accounting are done with the use of specialized software.
  • English skills – the ability to read, write, and communicate well in English is necessary because most of the technical literature and required reading materials are in this language.
  • Interpersonal skills – the ability to communicate and interact harmoniously with other people will definitely help you work on group projects and activities with your classmates.

Job Opportunities

  • Accounts payable clerks
  • Book keeper
  • Payroll assistants