The JPCS is the student organization of the Philippine Computer Society. It is an student organization involved in the field of Information Technology. It aims to provide students with the complementary experiences needed to become a world class I.T. professional, in addition to what they learn in school. It provides the student an opportunity to experience unity with other students from different schools in the pursuit of I.T. excellence through common projects.

The JPCS also provides many benefits for the participating school. JPCS seeks to stimulate friendly competition among schools. Competition winners not only win for themselves, but win for their schools – which is an inexpensive yet far reaching advertisement about the quality of the school’s education. Graduating JPCS members have an advantage over others as they bear not only their academic credentials, but can boast of membership in an organization that is directly linked to the Philippine Computer Society, the premier organization for IT professionals in the country.




To create and maintain an exciting extracurricular learning environment for future IT professionals that complements the academic objectives of our member schools, and is sensitive to the needs of the IT Industry. To unite the youth under a banner of leadership, technical excellence and ethical conduct fostering among themselves lasting friendships, a spirit of cooperation and a genuine love of God and country.




  • Organizing future ICT professionals
  • Geographically organized by campus
  • Facilitates honing of skills for local, national, and international competitions
  • Maintains student interest in the ICT profession
  • Prepares students for transition into professional life objective




  • To promote among enthusiasts the understanding and usage of information technology.
  • To encourage the development of higher standards of computer education among the chapter schools.
  • To provide an organization for information exchange among its members, thereby promoting and improving I.T. in the whole country.
  • To prepare the student for the technical, leadership and ethical challenges as a future I.T. Professional.