Classes in Automobile Technology train students for hands-on careers as mechanics or other auto repair professionals. These courses are normally completed during a certificate or degree program in the subject. Read on to see what you’ll learn in automobile technology courses.

Automobile technology programs are most often offered at the certificate and associate’s degree levels by community colleges and technical schools. Both prepare students to become auto repair professionals, though an associate’s degree can lead to employment in a supervisory position for individuals with experience.

Students in an automobile technology program gain hands-on experience working with brake systems, heating and cooling systems, engines, electrical systems, steering systems and transmissions. In general, they learn how to install, maintain, repair and replace automotive parts. An associate’s degree program in automotive technology typically includes general education courses in addition to the major courses.



  • Shop safety
  • Brake systems
  • Engine repair
  • Automobile electrical systems
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Automobile transmissions