The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (PolSci) is a four-year degree program which centers on the study of governments, the history and forms of political institutions, political behavior and political policies. It covers important areas of study including Philippine Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Political Theory and Methodology, Public Administration, Political Dynamics, Local and Global Governance, and Research in Politics. AB in Political Science is also a preparatory course for a law degree.

Some of the subjects taught in this program include:

  • Fundamentals of Political Science
  • Introduction to Philippine Government and Politics
  • Philippine Public Administration
  • Government and Politics of Southeast Asia
  • An Introduction to Comparative Government and Politics
  • Ancient and Medieval Political Theories
  • Modern Political Theories
  • Introduction to International Relations
  • International and Regional Organizations
  • Introduction to Political Analysis
  • Quantitative Analysis of Political Data

What skills and traits will help you succeed in this course?

  • A predisposition towards political involvement and participation
  • An interest in understanding political issues and problems
  • Social awareness
  • A passion for intellectual discourse
  • Confidence and public speaking skills
  • The ability to assemble and present empirical evidence
  • The ability to think critically, logically, and analytically – in order to make reasoned conclusions and evaluate conflicting arguments that may be presented in class.
  • English Skills – most of the reading materials are in English and the majority of the academic requirements should be presented in English as well.
  • Communication Skills – the ability to express one’s self in verbal and written form is important because this course involves activities wherein you will be required to present information to your professors ad classmates.
  • Reading Comprehension – this skill is important because this course entails a lot of reading assignments.
  • Interpersonal Skills – the ability to interact harmoniously with other people will help you work on group projects and class activities with your classmates.