The Bachelor of Science Information Technology (BSIT) Program is focused on the acquisition, deployment and management of information technology resources and services, as well as the development and evolution of technology infrastructures and systems for use in organization’s processes.

The BSIT program is specifically designed to provide an avenue of learning for students in a technology discipline such as web design and development, computer networking and security and computer system administration. The program is meant to satisfy the ever-growing demands of the different Information technology aspects, namely, Web Systems, Databases and Computer Networking.



  • Develop skills on web design and development and maintain a competitive edge in the industry

  • Implement solutions to common business, scientific and computing problems and deploy them in a mobile web platform

  • Work with database management systems software and determine ways to effectively implement data and file organization storage and retrieval

  • Analyze user’s needs through designing, creating, and modifying general computer applications software or specialized utility programs to meet individual needs of an organization

  • Design, implement and maintain network infrastructure of an organization



  • Mobile Applications Developer

  • Web Designer

  • Web Developer

  • Computer Graphics Designer

  • Computer Programmer

  • Analyst / Programmer

  • Database Administrator

  • Network Administrator

  • Network Engineer / Network Specialist

  • Technical Support Specialist

  • Web Interactive Designer

  • 2D Animator

  • 3D Animator