The complexity and demands posed by an increasingly globalize world require enterprising and responsive decision have a deep understanding of how policies are formulated. These leaders will need the tools to adopt multi-disciplinary implement policy strategies.

The Master in Public Management & Governance (MPMG) programmed is design the skills of senior managers working in profit, and private sectors in the area of good governance. It is targeted at accomplished officials who learn to acknowledge within their own organizations and who possess the potential to advance to more senior positions.

MPMG graduates acquire the advanced managerial and leadership skills needed to undertake diverse responsibility candidate is, therefore, not selected on present accomplishments alone but also on future potential. Students will practical experience during their attachment to public and private agencies.



The MPMG degree is flexible professional degree designed for those who wish management positions in the public sector or in not-for-profit agencies. Graduates are expected to attain the knowledge and expertise needed for success management of government and not-for-profit agencies, or local level. Opportunities are also available for graduates of the program with non-profit corporation, public groups, commission, charitable organizations, private corporation that work with government adn international organizations. The MPMG degree is designed to prepare a person for a professional career in a wide range of administrative enviroments.