Universidad de Manila promotes free and quality tertiary education for the underprivileged youth, relevant curricular and research programs, and responsive extension services- all these benefiting the City of Manila and the country.


Universidad De Manila is a paragon of learning, research, excellence and empowerment for the underprivileged youth of Manila.

Core Values

Quality and Excellent Education:
The university scholars and young professionals are UDM’s customers. They deserve quality and excellent education which we are committed to provide in a holistic manner.

Academic Freedom:
In the pursuit of quality education and academic excellence, UDM shall recognize, promote and support the right of its faculty members to academic freedom.

Highest Ethical Standard:
The UDM officials, faculty, staff and researchers shall adhere to the norms of conduct, ethical standards and professional ethics in their decision and actions.

Members of the student body are empowered with authority and autonomy in managing, planning and making decisions and actions of their own turf.

Pro People:
UDM shall function to effect social development that would benefit the majority of Manilenos to acquire free and high-quality college education and in turn become an agent of change that would benefit not only the City but the country as well.