UDM is the cradle of free higher education for the underprivileged but deserving and bright scholars of the City of Manila. The University has faced numerous challenges through the years but like the Merlions, we displayed strength and determination. Our young history taught us how to rise above all trials and made us realize that our potentials are limitless.

Now, more than ever, we are committed to elevate UDM as a globally-competitive university. We embrace this task with the University Vision in mind: to be a Center of Excellence in all of our fields of specialization producing graduates imbued with a high degree of professionalism, demonstrating impeccable ethics, and exuding global competitiveness that will transform the City of Manila as the bastion of world class education.

We want to emerge as a city university with a global perspective. The University has intermediate and long-term plans that will enable us to keep up with the fast-changing world and meet the demands of the regional integration in Southeast Asia. In pursuit of our vision, we have strived to recruit highly-qualified faculty and staff that can deliver world-class service. We have also introduced significant changes such as progressive policies for improved administration, various enabling programs to uplift the morale of our personnel, and upgraded facilities for improved education, service and campus security.

The past year has been remarkable for the University. In academics, our mission to provide quality education is evident in the accomplishments and efforts made in fulfilment of our three-fold function as a university – instruction, research, and extension. To strengthen instruction in UDM, we overhauled all program curricula. The B.S. Nursing program was first to receive recognition from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) as prelude to accreditation. Thirty one (31) other programs applied for recognition and was assessed as CHED compliant programs.

UDM also proved to be a top-performing school in various national board examinations. The College of Health Sciences produced fifteen new physical therapists with an outstanding 93.75% performance in the August 2016 Licensure Examination for Physical Therapy. The College of Criminology meanwhile continued its streak as the top criminology school in Metro Manila and 6th in the Philippines.

For the first in time in history, UDM ranked 9th place in the National Top Performing Schools in the November 2016 Nursing Licensure Examination. This great accomplishment was awarded by the Philippine Regulatory Commission with a certificate of recognition. We also produced a top-notcher with now registered nurse Arriane Joyce Gimenez placing 10th in the said board examination.

UDM students likewise proved to top in poise, grace and wit when third year Marketing student Angela Gloria bagged the 2016 Miss University Belt title.

In research, a budget of Five Million Pesos (P 5,000,000.00) for the 2017 Fiscal Year was allotted to enable our colleges to identify and pursue their research objectives and activities. To encourage our faculty to produce knowledge through research outputs, we adopted a merit-based system of promotion with particular emphasis on research publications. UDM’s research investment is dedicated to develop a knowledge and technology-production machinery that will make us at par with other global universities.

Our extension services were strengthened through community service and numerous engagements. In April 2015, UDM officially adopted the community in Barangay Baseco (Brgy. 649, Zone 48) in Tondo Manila. For five years, Baseco will be the subject of UDM’s community development programs and the priority area for development research. Furthermore, to contribute to the public service competency of city hall and government employees, UDM designed special programs such as BA Public Administration and MA in Public Management and Governance. Nationally, we participated in seminars and conferences aimed at promoting among other things, good governance, gender development, and the environment in the country. UDM also engaged internationally by proudly representing the City of Manila in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Capital Cities Summit in Vientiane, Laos through Regent Donna Gasgonia and yours truly.

Last year was also filled with programs and activities fostering community-building within the university. In October, we inaugurated the Freedom Wall to provide a constructive way for the UDM community to engage in a creative discourse. The same day we unveiled the President’s Gallery and Gallery of the Past Presidents of UDM located along the halls of the Executive Office in honor of the dedicated administrators who provided leadership for the University. We also had the brightest and most colourful Christmas celebration to date with the launch of the Grand Lantern Parade where both students and university personnel showcased their creativity.

To our students, may you be inspired to soar high and be ever determined to fulfill your goals not only for your personal interest but also for the community, the nation, and the world

Finally, to the visitors of the UDM website, I welcome you to contact us or visit our campus to interact with our students, faculty and staff to learn more about the University and our activities.