28 May 2021

Today starts our collective effort to put together Manila’s Skills Initiative through the tripartite effort of TESDA-UDM-PESO. This is part of the economic plan post-pandemic of the City.

UDM, the biggest LUC in NCR and the country, is uniquely positioned because it is both an academic and a skills institution. Our academic programs are in the main campus in the historic site of the City and our TVET programs are in our downtown campus at Carlos Palanca. UDM is the only TVET accredited university by TESDA in the City.

Our relationship dates back to UDM’s early years where TESDA found a home in UDM in 2008.  TESDA accredited 8 programs and UDM received grants from TESDA via its voucher system. UDM created TVET satellite centers in the City, such as in Sta. Cruz, San Andres and Tayuman. UDM was able to cater to around 30,000 beneficiaries with around 40% or 12,000 graduating from various TVET programs.

As we welcome TESDA back to UDM, we are shifting and championing microcredentials. Micro-credential is a highly flexible, inclusive form of learning, allowing the targeted acquisition of skills and competences. Micro credentials are redefining what vocational education looks like as life long learning becomes our way of adapting and innovating. Today, learning does not end at the completion of formal education.

Thus, the downtown campus is now the Center for Micro-Credentialing and Industry Training with 12 main courses: android development; bookkeeping; bread and pastry; catering, food and beverage service; graphic design; photography; programming from Java to Python; web development; wood technology (in partnership with Escuela Taller); coffee apprenticeship (in tandem with Kapetolyo); 2D and 3D animation.

While facing disruptions, TVET plays a critical role in the different stages of the COVID-19 crisis: (i) in the coping phase, when schools and many businesses are closed and the health emergency is at its peak; (ii) in the intermediate phase, when schools and businesses gradually reopen; and (iii) during the recovery period, when opportunities open up to re-imagine, reset and redo workforce training.

Our coming together today is a vote of confidence — that we can stand up and build together; national-local; academe-technical-employment. In Manila, the beacon of the nation continues to shine. ###

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