Message from the 16th President of Universidad de Manila

As an educational institution, Universidad de Manila (UDM) focuses on what the students need within the halls of the University, in preparation for their entry not just into the city’s and the country’s workforce, but even in the international stage. As such, quality education, responsive infrastructure, facilities and equipment, and well-developed curriculum geared towards competency and employability are crucial.

To achieve such goals that the youth of Manila deserves, we shall endeavor to put emphasis and scrutiny into key performance indicators upon which the University’s academic standing could be readily measured. The current passing rates of our students under our board courses, as well as the current employment and employability of our alumni are the best indicators as to whether or not the University is being true to its mandate and purpose as an educational institution. With these, we should be apprised of the students’ needs and the University’s shortcomings that need to be addressed. We will focus on essential goals that will put UDM on the map.

Clear and objective evaluation standards must be formulated and implemented to ensure that our faculty members are truly able to deliver quality education. The existing curricula must be further developed and improved to make it aligned with the highest educational standards, and to make it competitive and relevant in today’s ever-changing demands.

Quality management standards shall likewise be instituted to guide and document the University’s journey towards achieving the above-stated goals, in order to recalibrate the institution’s culture of doing things, and to steer the University towards continuous development and success, even beyond the tenure of any given leadership and management. This way, each unit’s or individual’s efforts, outputs, insights and work will be harmonized and ensured to match set expectations, shared purposes, and most importantly, the needs of the students who are the number one stakeholders of an educational institution.

The above are easier said than done. Let us all work together as a single unit, as a family, for a better UDM, a second home for our Merlions to be proud of. I look forward to meeting you all in campus soon.