College of Engineering and Technology

BS Electronics and Communication Engineering


Being the most sought-after branch of Engineering, Electronics Engineering (ECE) is a dynamic program that prepares its graduates to be in the forefront of the revolutionary electronics and communications technology.

The ECE program forms the foundation for various growing disciplines leading to specialization in a desired sub field through the help of a research-oriented curriculum. Keeping in view the worldwide popularity of this branch, and its increasing demand and career opportunities, the ECE Department of the College takes special care for acquainting the students with the latest development in the field and preparing them for the licensure examinations.


  • Broadcasting

  • Telecommunications

  • Semiconductor Device Fabrication / Manufacturing Engineer

  • Electronics Design

  • Computer Systems

  • Instrumentation and Telemetry

  • Automation, Feedback, Process Control, Robotics and Mechatronics

  • Industrial Electronics

  • Signal Processing

  • Optics

  • Medical / Biomedical Electronics