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College of Business Administration


A reputable college in Business and Entrepreneurship education committed to develop the holistic individuals who create value by identifying and pursuing opportunities, acting with passion and purpose, and living proactively that are essential for future business leadership and entrepreneurial success, responsive to local and global needs of the business industry.


Provide the students with the latest theoretical and practical training necessary to completely enrich the entire business operations and their interrelationship not only domestically but also internationally. Strengthen the critical, analytical and managerial skills of students by embarking into extensive problem-solving activities to harness their potentials and to develop their decision-making power as well. Develop the students to become economically productive, self-sufficient, disciplined business professionals, leaders, managers, and entrepreneur, and to Promote partnership with industry-based institution in order to matches the demand of labor market.

Programs Offered


  • To acquaint students with considerable changes and improvement in the dynamics of business administration.
  • To develop and strengthen the managerial skill and leadership capabilities of students distinct in their respective professions, be it industrial, financial, government or non-profit organizations;
  • To produce future business professionals, effective marketers, skilled human resources specialists and practiced entrepreneurs capable of adapting in a rapid changing industrial and technological business environment.

Contact Info

One Mehan Gardens
Manila, Philippines 1000

336-65-82; 336-89-56; 336-89-66

Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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Universidad De Manila is one of the two locally funded higher-education institutions of Manila offering free college education to the city’s under-privileged students.