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College of Education

The Education Department now known as the College of Education is one of the pioneering board-based programs of the Universidad de Manila since its inception in 1995. It continuously provides excellent pre-service training, offers value-oriented curricula, and inculcates Filipino values among future educators. It has been administered by various chairpersons with great leadership. Its first chairperson was Prof. Francia G. Sierra who served from 1995-1997.


An academically and morally centered department relevant and responsive to the needs of teacher education students, preparing them to meet the educational needs of the Manileños.


The College of Education commits itself to produce educators of academic excellence, global competitiveness and transformational leadership imbued with ideals, aspirations, and values to carry out relevant community programs.

Programs Offered


To develop productive, self-reliant law-abiding educators imbued with solid moral and spiritual values, committed to serve youth towards educational / social development and transformation of the city of Manila and the Nation.


  • To provide basic concepts, knowledge and information’s attendant to become a well-prepared educator.
  • To enhance student’s capability to become a productive, and self-reliant teacher.
  • To provide the students with principles, theories, methods, and strategies in teaching.
  • To develop desirable habits and attitudes imbued with moral and spiritual values committed to serve the youth.
  • To develop a productive and progressive educational leader for a social development for the transformation of the City of Manila and the Nation as well.
  • To develop highly competent teachers and leaders in the field of education.

Contact Info

One Mehan Gardens
Manila, Philippines 1000

336-65-82; 336-89-56; 336-89-66

Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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Universidad De Manila is one of the two locally funded higher-education institutions of Manila offering free college education to the city’s under-privileged students.