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College of Education

Welcome Message from the Dean

The UDM College of Education (CED), in pursuit of quality education, has set up its vision and mission achievable in the 21st Century. Guided by its core values of “EDUCARE,” the College, given its mandate of producing professional teachers to supply the manpower requirements of the city’s public schools, is also dedicated to training teachers to teach from the heart.

At the College of Education, we EDUcate, we CARE.


Dr. Amalfi B. Tabin, Jr.

Dean, College of Education

College History

The College of Education is one of the pioneering board-based programs of the Universidad de Manila (UDM) since its inception in 1995. Several of its programs come from three colleges that were merged in 2020. The programs were Bachelor of Secondary Education majors in English, Mathematics, Social Studies and General Science under the College of Education, Bachelor of Physical Education major in School Physical Education under the former College of Human Kinetics, and the Bachelor in Technical Vocational Teacher Education of the former College of Industrial Technology.

College Overview

The College of Education offers a four-year undergraduate degree program and board course geared towards preparing aspiring educators and mentors who expect to teach in the secondary junior and/or senior high school basic education level. 

College Vision and Mission


A local but globally competitive college that envisions to be a Center of Excellence in Teacher-Education that prepares visionary and ethical professionals in a diverse learning environment.



To nurture a lifelong gender sensitive environment that promotes quality and excellent education for the city and the country.

College Core Values

The College Logo

Figure 1: UDM CAS Logo

Meaning and Description:

  • The Open Book symbolizes knowledge which is a common platform for teachers and students
  • The Flaming Torch symbolizes an never-ending transmission of knowledge through generations and constant discoveries
  • The Laurels symbolize the recognition of educational success and innovation shared by learners and educators in an ever-changing world.

The College Color

  • The College of Education is represented by the color Light Blue which shows balance between learning enthusiasm and compassion. This color instills a sense of competent yet humble outlook on the acquisition of knowledge both in its faculty and students.

Competitive Advantage

  • We produce teachers who are also leaders and innovators. 
  • We advance the use of information and technology for teaching and learning.
  • We advance the body of knowledge in all disciplines and programs within the college.


Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Mathematics

This is a four-year undergraduate degree program that will prepare Pre-Service Teachers to teach Mathematics in Basic Education, primarily in Secondary schools. The curriculum is designed to provide graduates with the knowledge of the interests and abilities of students at different levels of Mathematics achievement. The program emphasizes problem-solving skills, mathematical thinking process and methods of actively engaging children and young adults in technology-based curriculum. Mathematics graduates will be adept at 21st century skills enabling them to be competitive Mathematics teachers.


Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English

The specialization in English Education is a four-year undergraduate degree program that emphasizes the social, intellectual and discursive skills necessary to ensure that graduates can adapt competitively in a rapidly expanding world and be well-equipped with knowledge and skills necessary in this digital age. Courses under the program stress connections between the advanced English language and literacy demands of Basic Education Curriculum particularly in Secondary Education and the similarities and differences in the literacies necessary to excel in the 21st century. The English Education program aims to prepare Pre-Service Teachers to engage secondary students in the production and interpretation of literacy and non-literacy as well as spoken and written texts in English.


Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Social Studies

This four-year undergraduate professional preparation program in Social Studies aims to prepare Pre-Service Teachers with the skills necessary to create an informed citizenry in a diverse yet inclusive society. The program emphasizes critical thinking about Social Studies curriculum frameworks and materials; curriculum development grounded in research; and sensitivity around controversial areas such as history, culture, race relations, gender issues, war, peace, equality of economic and social opportunities, and global interdependence. It prepares teachers to meet the challenges and rewards of teaching in 21st century classrooms. 


Bachelor of Secondary Education major in General Science

This is a four-year undergraduate degree program and the basis for a career as a Basic Education Science Teacher particularly in Secondary Schools. Students who aspire to teach high school science also take a series of education courses in the Secondary such as professional subjects, and successfully complete a series of student teaching in their senior year. Science teachers engage students using technology and research-oriented curriculum. Science education allows students to discover and acquire new knowledge that will greatly impact in a diverse and inclusive environment.


Bachelor Physical Education major in School Physical Education

The Bachelor of Physical Education (BPE) is an undergraduate degree course which prepares and trains pre-service teachers to teach music, arts, physical education and health as a curricular subject in the school setting and provides equal opportunities for developing physical activity habits through programs of recreational activities, competitive and organized sports. It also allows maximum opportunity for students to engage in various combinations of courses in coaching, programming and administration through quality education in a dynamic community-centered and research-oriented program.

Universidad De Manila is one of the two locally funded higher-education institutions of Manila offering free college education to the city’s under-privileged students.