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College of Human Kinetics

In 1995, the City College of Manila (CCM) accepted four thousand nine hundred twenty seven (4,927) students enrolled in the different courses. The Department of Physical Education and Sports was created along with the different colleges servicing Physical Education subjects. Ms. Thelma B. Anteola acted as the first Chair of the Department from 1995-1997. Amalfi B. Tabin, Jr., a faculty member was designated Officer in Charge in 1997 and was immediately replaced by Mr. Eduardo F. Señorin (deceased).


CHK envisions to be the center of teacher training in sports, physical education, dance recreation, and health and wellness for high quality learning and teaching


To produce competent graduates equipped with functional skills and pedagogical knowledge which are responsive to the needs of the City, for its development and renewal and thereby contributing to the manpower requirement of the global community.

Logo Symbolize

The College of Human Kinetics “CHK” symbolizes the different fields in Physical Education, Dance, Recreation, Sports and Wellness.

The Crest symbolizes the shield and foundation that contains all the aspects of CHK

The Book at the center stands for the knowledge; the Human Positions at the left and right side symbolize the human motion, forces and energy as a spectrum of mechanics. (UDM, formerly CCM was founded in 1995, and in 2015 the CPES was renamed CHK

And the Torch represents the enlightenment and hope among the Students and Faculty.


To develop productive, self-reliant law-abiding educators imbued with solid moral and spiritual values, committed to serve youth towards educational / social development and transformation of the city of Manila and the Nation.


  • To provide basic concepts, knowledge and information’s attendant to become a well-prepared educator.
  • To enhance student’s capability to become a productive, and self-reliant teacher.
  • To provide the students with principles, theories, methods, and strategies in teaching.
  • To develop desirable habits and attitudes imbued with moral and spiritual values committed to serve the youth.
  • To develop a productive and progressive educational leader for a social development for the transformationof the City of Manila and the Nation as well.
  • To develop highly competent teachers and leaders in the field of education.

Contact Info

One Mehan Gardens
Manila, Philippines 1000

336-65-82; 336-89-56; 336-89-66

Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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